Online Strategic Partners

Sprout’s business model (a cooperative business ecosystem) is based on Strategic Partners.

We provide 10 hours of free business consulting services per month, and our members can choose different Strategic Partner candidates.

A Strategic Partner is able to communicate and support digital business transformation. A virtual Strategic Partner is a remote administrative assistant who supports your online business needs.

In addition to a Strategic Partner, our Sprout cooperative system is the core value of Sprout. A Strategic Partner has strong sales skills, who can assist to solve your business pain points with a modest investment by Startup-to-Startup matchmaking (S2S).

Thanks to network marketing, Sprout is a One-Stop business solution for our members. At Sprout, we have a Business Matching service (Sprout B2B matchmaking).

Sprout Community B2B matchmaking is a specific networking model that considers expectations and achieves a perfect match between those who are looking for something and those who are offering something.

We provide other services for members. We have created a Marketplace that offers more flexible Gross Profit (GP) payment terms than other platforms (NO GP sharing required).

We also have other services for our members, including a Sprout point system, Sprout blockchain wallet (NFT), online to offline Marketplace (Display) – We can showcase your products and services or branding in the Sprout Community digital mall.

Sprout Wallet

A Blockchain based wallet increases trust, security, transparency, and the traceability of data shared
across our business network, with cost saving efficiencies.

Sprout Wallet (NFT)
Business Model Structure

Competitive Advantage

Multicurrency (including cryptocurrency) Exchange point
for company share
Exchange points
for products
Accepts other
points to use in own platform
Shopee pay
Shopee Coins
Rabbit LINE Pay
LINE points
Truemoney Wallet
True points
Grab Wallet
Grab points
Sprout Wallet
Sprout points