What Is the Sprout Community?

  • Sprout Community is a communications and technology platform that helps members work together in a co-operative system, and use it to connect and expand their businesses in a ecosystem focused on social entrepreneurs.
  • This approach plays a significant role in helping SMEs succeed.

Our network is a cloud-based cooperative based system.

The Sprout Community is owned and operated as a decentralized structure developed by IMT Group Co., Ltd.

The business services that we provide have ten operational and target segments:

  • Smart Visas
  • Management
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Security/ Blockchain-as-a-Service
  • Business Development Support

It collaborates with the private sector to provide microservices solutions through the collaboration of business partners.

It empowers members through faster payment services, marketing and logistics.

Sprout also uses blockchain technology to strengthen the safety of members requiring financial and data services.

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A sustainable Economy applies to all levels, branches, and sectors.

It is not limited to the agricultural or rural sectors, or even the financial, the real estate, and international trade and investment areas.

We emphasize moderation, performance, practicality, and the use of a secured/ Blockchain based platform.

Sprout Cooperative business model

Sprout Community provides a Communications and Technology (CaT) platform with solutions for the Thai SMEs to display their products and services in our online channel.

It is an e-commerce marketplace that promotes store front for retail sales. Our community focused platform solutions help bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, each with their own individual areas of expertise.

Each member can provide their knowledge for the the benefit of all involved. Sprout Community grows with the future in mind.

We help startups with new technological developments that helps us expand n a sustainable way. And, where possible, we help new ideas to come to fruition.